Description: a perfect blend of natural instruments and synth sounds. featured is a fine blend of voice, piano, acoustic guitar, and a lone hand drummer.

Description: . over a tapestry a natural soundscape with smooth rich harmonic vocals and an easy hand drum beat.

Description: using the sacred geometrical ratio of 5-12-5-8 this interesting hand-drum groove is a bed for more of asoma's soothing and chilling vocals.

Description: a peace-filled feeling embosses a passionate 4+2 hand drum groove. sparse vocals elucidate native incantation .

Description: features a lilting acoustic guitar, a meshing of elegant vocals with an undercurrent of the sounds of moving water and singing bowl.

Description: . a lavish synth pad is the cloud upon which a lone guitarist searches for himself.

Description: . certain tones are used to stimulate a vibrationally healing effect, such as voice, chimes, and high notes on the piano.

Description: the heartbeat itself is the groove … a soundscape of ambient sounds, a gorgeous female voice, native sounding chants and cymbals.

Description: a gentle, laidback hand-drum groove.

Description: a warm blend of hand drum and groove-machine with an interplay of flute, soothing electric piano, far-off voices and acoustic guitar.

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