Description: A spacious track that uses piano and synth to create a soundscape of high melodies and low harmonies which feels slightly hypnotic with a lurking sense of danger. 60 bpm, C minor.

Description: Piano Bar.wav is a short melodic piano track with subtle strings in the background. Smooth, mellow arpeggiated chords with a fadeout makes this track an easy fit to accentuate a romantic scene, or any project that needs a calm piano track. Ideal for t.v. and commercials.

Description: Let's Go.wav is a rising single note keyboard sound that reaches a peak and ends in a smooth, gradual fade. Having an alarm-like sound, it is sure to get attention and is ideal for an intro to a project. Editors will find it easy to fit this track in anywhere within a commercial or t.v. show.

Description: Music in old style of sound for computer and video games and so on. Looped/Loopable/Seamless

Description: Atmospheric ambient background for various projects.

Description: Atmospheric trip-hop, ambient music which is composed with piano, strings, electronic drums

Description: Ambient Background – motivational ambient music for your great video project. This is light and calm music with long and wide sounds. Contains airy electric guitar, calming synth, atmospheric pads, rhythmic percussions and drums. Ambient Background features a sound guitar clouds and a deep kick, and increasing bassline, and incredible percussion instruments, which create a peaceful and magic mood for your video. It was produced with idea of simple chords and arrangement for non-distract background usage in various projects. Main Genre: ambient background, inspire ambient, wonderful music, background, calm ambient soundtrack, cinematic ambient slideshow, motivational ambient corporate, ambient inspiring, ambient music, melodic background, beautiful ambient, atmospheric texture, atmospheric music. Its gentle and soft music perfect for ambient video, documentary ambient slowmotion soundtrack, emotional ambient montage, gentle ambient presentation, commercial ambient montage. Its peaceful ambient music for relaxing feel. It is filled with beautiful and light feelings.

Description: Old phonograph sound demonstration of a sad minor music. Ideal for a quiet background sound in computer and video games or special events

Description: An atmospheric track full of spatial synthesizer sounds that convey a calm, futuristic and tech vibe. Perfect for timelapse videos, technology media, slideshows and more.

Description: Warm Breeze is an inspiring ethereal track, with classic orchestral instruments blending with soft modern sound design elements. The track builds up from a delicate intro to a more intense and emotionally rhythmic climax that ends almost abruptly to keep your audience in a sense of hanging.