Description: Moon spells and hypnotic piano solo from dreams

Description: The robot X-machine plays the synthesizer. Archaic sound of 20th century

Description: Melting alarming electric piano instrumental. Archaic XX century musical sound

Description: Beautiful atmospheric soundscape track is perfect for cinematic uses and video.

Description: A spacious track that uses piano and synth to create a soundscape of high melodies and low harmonies which feels slightly hypnotic with a lurking sense of danger. 60 bpm, C minor.

Description: Piano Bar.wav is a short melodic piano track with subtle strings in the background. Smooth, mellow arpeggiated chords with a fadeout makes this track an easy fit to accentuate a romantic scene, or any project that needs a calm piano track. Ideal for t.v. and commercials.

Description: Let's Go.wav is a rising single note keyboard sound that reaches a peak and ends in a smooth, gradual fade. Having an alarm-like sound, it is sure to get attention and is ideal for an intro to a project. Editors will find it easy to fit this track in anywhere within a commercial or t.v. show.

Description: Music in old style of sound for computer and video games and so on. Looped/Loopable/Seamless

Description: Atmospheric ambient background for various projects.

Description: Atmospheric trip-hop, ambient music which is composed with piano, strings, electronic drums