Description: Lounge electronic ambient track. Smooth sensations.

Description: Lounge, Ambient & Relaxing Track.

Description: Easy Listening, Pop Music, Relaxing and Smooth.

Description: A calm and soft track in an ambient newage style. Perfect for documentaries, bbc, animal films and more.

Description: The highest conception of empathy between Alberto's exasperated frequencies and the electronic atmosphere of Antonio. The will to express the play of the parts. Born from Alberto's choice of wanting to represent the exoticity of a virgin land and passed for the temporal transmigrations of the synths of Antonio.

Description: Exiled, relegated to a world of fusion harmonies, this track represents the best integration between the styles of the two musicians. The forcing of an exile struggling to re-enter but is always blocked by the gates of sound intolerance.

Description: The vision of the old presses that feed the printed paper have written the notes of this track. Alberto's bass theme slides, like the press, on Antonio's programming, and they arrive at the final on the counter-chant of a massive-synth that pushes the plays on the 9th of the main theme exploding as a news story on the front page.

Description: Bright corporate track. Consists from soft piano melody , driving drum groove, guitar chords, bass and simple sweeps. Perfect for any project calling for an uplifting, inspirational mood, for corporate projects.

Description: Tense waiting loop for various projects.

Description: Short ambient journey through space.