Description: Colorful & rhythmic soundtrack instrumental . Performed by guitars, bass , piano , groove machine. Suitable for slideshow, lounge, music design, musical scoring .

Description: Spatial & rhythmic soundtrack background for web work , ads, report, info messages, broadcasts, screens, tech news, slideshow, presentations,

Description: Spatial & positive instrumental cinematic background

Description: An ambient peaceful track with smooth pads, marimba, piano and synths. Perfect as background in documentaries, presentations, interview, slow motion videos.

Description: Piano music for background and listening with closed eyes

Description: Endless and eternal Judean mountains. Music for meditation and background

Description: Ambient electric guitar piece. Very inspiring and beautiful. Electric delayed guitar, drums, bass, keys. Great for commercials, tv, movies, websites, and much more.

Description: A meditative and atmospheric electronic soundtrack with warm textured and layered synth pads. Perfect ambience for yoga, meditation, voice-over, relaxation and spirituality. Also great as a soundtrack for aerial drone videos and photography, space, time-lapse and sci-fi.

Description: Atmospheric ambient background perfect for business, commercial, slideshow, success, successful, technology videos.

Description: Spatial wave-like harmonious background music.

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