Description: Floating yet a steady beat and movement forward. Clean electric guitars, drums. Night scene music.

Description: Dream like environment with acoustic guitars and bells, moderate steady rhythm. Builds to a mild climax. Beautiful guitars and and recording!

Description: This is a futuristic and spooky outer space soundscape with swirling fluid clouds of heavy gasses, mysterious alien synthesizer sound effects, and a glassy ambient pad melody line in a minor mode that give a scary feel. Step into unknown and get lost in space with this unique background audio mood setting.

Description: Easy Listening, Pop Music, Relaxing and Smooth.

Description: “Space Dream” is a chill and downtempo electronic track with popular ideas of crystal-like synth sounds, simple yet heavy electronic micro beats, and ambient textures and atmospheres

Description: Delayed harmonics and sweeping guitar swells over a steady rhythm creates a 1 minute track written for motivational and corporate purposes.

Description: Haunting, captivating and dreamy, ethereal Asian synth voices over synth pads and sound textures, dramatic, hypnotic, great for suspenseful scenes, intros, introspective or anything needing a hypnotic ethereal soundscape

Description: Hypnotic Acoustic groove with various reappearing melodies. Excellent for anything needing a steady interesting but non-intrusive background.

Description: Chill summer tune with best sounding guitar, reverse pianos and contemplative bass, percussion and cool chillout drum pattern. Mellow pianos, dreamy pads weaved on an atmospheric soundscape

Description: Adorable chillout music track based on sweet dwelling pianos, cool chirpy synths and arpeggios and a reverse drum background with an inca flute interlude

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