Description: Horns echo over a simple synth bass line while an organ plays a melody in the distance.

Description: Pads with a synth melody played lightly over it. Heavy beat and synth lead kick in with a light hi-hat and panned delay.

Description: Minimal atmospheric track with electronic sounds. The mood is melancholic and pensive. Suitable as background music for videos, corporate projects, presentations and more.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Ambient Soundscapes

Description: A subtle, atmospheric and hypnotic drone pad – perfect for a meditative background and video projects related to space, time, meditation, healing, nature, mystery and spirituality.

Description: Ambient theme of space, stars, interstellar flight. Theme for relax, meditation.

Description: Beautiful and calm corporate tech music light positive melody relaxing atmospheric background. Perfect for commercial advertising, business presentations, interactive presentation, motivational promo video, advertising technology, the presentation of scientific innovation, inspiring video stories about nature, science, advanced technology, beautiful scenery, fashionable design, documentary, traveling.

Description: Dreamy, ambient piece with piano, guitar, strings and woodwind. Perfect as atmospheric, spacious background music to add depth and emotion to a film scene or video.

Description: Atmospheric background music for various projects.

Description: A spacious track that uses piano and synth to create a soundscape of high melodies and low harmonies which feels slightly hypnotic with a lurking sense of danger. 60 bpm, C minor.

Description: Old phonograph sound demonstration of a sad minor music. Ideal for a quiet background sound in computer and video games or special events

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