Description: Short ambient journey through space.

Description: Ambient background for various projects.

Description: Relaxed atmospheric background for various projects.

Description: Relaxed meditative chill out background for various projects.

Description: Mysterious dreams short track. Great for a movies, documentaries etc.

Description: This is a creepy long logo soundscape inspired by Halloween and celebrations of horror and creepy music. It even fits to sci-fi, as it is outer space mood and unearthly sounds create an ambience of fantasy and scientific uncertainty.

Description: Instrumental inspiring enigmatic ambient dreamy, airy, chillout abstraction background music. Smooth and soft, with deep drums and bassline, beautiful abstract synthesizers sequences melodies, cool chill lounge relaxing inspirational mood. This chill background music is the perfect background for abstraction music videos, product advertising, training videos, timelapse, vlog video, documentary music videos, spa background music, podcast intro, enigmatic music, advertising presentation. MOOD: atmospheric,  confident, contemplative, energetic, emotional, dynamic, dreamy, erotic, futuristic, inspiring, hypnotic, heavy, intense, magical, meditative, modern, passionate, optimistic, mysterious, mystical, positive, reflective, sexy, sensual, soft, successful,  uplifting, web, website, relaxing

Description: An uptempo tune with a dreamy electronic touch. Atmospheric sounds, pulsating rhythm, ambient textures with an uptempo beat. Use it for your multimedia corporate projects, slideshows or videos.

Description: Ambient short track with deep pads and sea waves sounds.

Description: Sound of a droid planet. Great background ambience for video games or animation projects.

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