Description: A pleasant and mellow melody created with soft acoustic guitar and breezy background strings creates a laid-back, cool vibe creating a chilled out scene.

Description: Electric Guitar chords and background synth washes gradually build together to create a steady, rising melody containing relaxing zonal elements.

Description: Modern contemporary bass overlaid with relaxing acoustic guitar and mellow electronic synth washes creates an introspective melody suitable for corporate, travel or relaxing background projects.

Description: Casual guitar with contemporary bass is adapted with modern electronic background washes and contemporary piano to create a luxurious background theme.

Description: A slow and timely drum beat merges with plucked guitar acoustics creating a luxurious modern vibe creating a sense of escape and relaxation. The melody is very contemporary, and features occasional background vocals which wash delicately in the background. An ideal track for spa and therapy use to create a relaxing atmosphere and sense of wellness.

Description: An array of Indian instrumentation creates a sense of mystery and Indian culture suitable for travel, documentary, or relaxing background music for wildlife series.

Description: A modern chilled out background track useful for travel, documentary or relaxing themed projects. Instruments include Sitar, Tambura and Indian Flute, backwashed with electronic synths and zonal atmospheric ambient washes, backed with modern drums implying a slightly contemporary edge. An ideal track to create a sense of escape. Very useful for Spa and Beauty or meditational purposes.

Description: Relaxing guitars and ambient washes combined with cymbals and distant piano chords create a relaxing background track for relaxation or scenery project. Very mellow and works well with vacation or hotel music requirements.

Description: Drifting airy electronic synths backed with a quick drum beat and spacious zonal electronic elements create an ideal background track for travel or demonstration purposes. Modern two step style drum beats are gradually re-introduced creating a modern element conveying the sense of movement or motion. Ideal for sport demonstrations or visual scenery projects. Also suggests flying or flight in aeroplane or sky diving.

Description: A magical array of instruments featuring brass, violin, descending flute and occasional wood blocks suggest a new discovery or journey into a secret place or location in an ambient seascape background style. Very useful for water scenes and discovery projects.

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