Description: Slow and ambient exploration of space and sound. Drums, guitar, delayed piano, and affected atmosphere.

Description: Washed out melody for background or "ghostly" echoes.

Description: Pulsing and melodic bell-like soundscapes, firm, but driving drums, spaced out atmostphere.

Description: Gentle, latin-influence percussion begin, after a moment pulsing, fragile, male vocals enter creating a shamanic, tribalistic atmosphere. Vibraphones and synthesizers follow this, finishing out the piece. Excellent pieces for commercial use, film, and more.

Description: Dark, electronic, brooding soundscape features steady pounding electronic drums, graced with crystalline synths. Resonant pads pulse in and out in the background creating a uneven, but pleasant base of sound. Lots of space, good for commercials, games, and film.

Description: Ambient noise soundscape invokes otherworldly images and hidden places no human would visit.

Description: Smooth ambient tones create a bed of sound, long thin, organ-like sounds coast atop, resonance flowing in and out, adding color. Excellent piece for film, credits, or games.

Description: Spacious and smooth tones open this laid back, downtempo groove. Initial space is filled by gently pulsing, organic drums, building the track slowly. Excellent background for credits, games, or animation.

Description: Slow, contemplative guitar frame this simple, ambient piece. Lead, tremolo guitars provide a melody after a gentle introduction. Would work very well with drama, TV, or film.

Description: Soft ambient tones give way to gently pulsing percussion. A moving landscape of tones and colors that's perfect for a reflective moment in a film or background music in a game.

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