Description: This track is good for natural environments and loners or intimate situations.

Description: Music exploratory, ambient and mysterious electro-acustica.Good for landscapes rarefied

Description: Electronic music with clear references old style. Start calm and then more lively. Good for fantasy films or documentaries astronomy

Description: Walking on the moon "heavy" as a feather. Good for fantasy film, astronomy, planets and space

Description: High-pitched sounds in a cavernous. A rhythmic background marks the time

Description: Mysterious and dreamy, melodic chorus of voices chime initial

Description: Arpeggio slow, slightly dilated, calmo.Piano and acoustic guitar

Description: Calm, slow and airy,introspective,space

Description: Ambient track with a trend melodically rhythmic

Description: A piece with a light and positive mood, almost exotic and inspiring of travels. Great for documentaries.

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