Description: An inspiring positive and heartwarming track featuring guitar variations of Pachabell's famous canon in D that has become one of the most cherished melodies for weddings, social gatherings, parties and other important events. Accompanied by light orchestration and a secondary rhythm guitarist.

Description: Dark haunting raving mad liquid DnB track with deep rich subby bass wild electric roller coaster guitar lead haunting state of the art synths wicked sound effects vox creeping groove patches of light mixed with the darkness. Powerful music for high tech gadgets, new age products, tv, video, film, web, podcasts, and radio.

Description: Moderately slow simmering strut head bobbing foot tapping track that's tight and smooth. Features a catchy rhythmic motif that is groove based and a middle break for harmonic interest. Useful for talk overs fashion, red carpet, backgrounds for shows, adverts. Thematic material for tv, film, or radio

Description: Dreamy and thoughtful track full of hope, amazement, inspiration and bravery. Great for film, tv, corporate and commercials. A hypnotic piano part over a rich sub bass is features and melds into a full middle section that echoes a counterpoint melody as a sweeping sfx intertwines the sections.

Description: A brooding pensive ambient track that has elements of dark latin, mysterious vocal chantings, electric piano, panning synths breaks into a lounge latin groove with a piano solo. A Santana style electric guitar is featured. Nice track for an underscore, backdrop to media projects for ads, film, tv.

Description: Uplifting, beautiful and stirring middle of the road soft pop piece with a sense of achievement, success, reaching new heights, and striving for greatness. Featuring a faux mixed choir emotionally chanting, an inspired super string melody and a flowing electric piano with light percussion. For media projects, Mixed Vocals, Spiritual Music, Inspirational

Description: This track gives the feeling of a pressing, a calling need for immediate attention perhaps a mysterious event has happened. The bass line is robust, the insistent piano and guitar theme is repeated and intertwined as spacious and strange synths float high in the mix. Works well for film, TV, projects

Description: A meditative peaceful and heartfelt track featuring a repetitive clean steel guitar phrase that builds as the choir-pad enters followed by a heavy synth bass counter melody climax. Useful music for yoga, chill radio stations, commercials for glamorous products, creams, gels, travel to exotic locales

Description: A deeply meditative and throughly relaxing musical piece featuring a lovely female soprano voice chanting an other worldly melody. An upright bass, percussive and strong as well as some spacey synthesizers provide the background, filling the soundscape. Useful for Films, TV, Radio, adverts. promos.

Description: A slick, smooth, and spacey true trip hop track featuring a deep mysterious meditative logo hook, a strong intricate beat, open area breakdowns, rich hypnotic sub electro-bass and harmonious bells. Nice sounds, give a listen. Good for film, TV, radio, advertising, background music, underscore, video, and media projects.

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