Description: An instrumental ambient track for scoring your project. A good fit for documentaries, emotional, somber, and hopeful scenes.

Description: Very relaxing ambient music track that creates calm atmosphere. Beautiful piece for documentary, film trailer, movie, tv or radio program, application. Free your mind and let go of all the problems and disturbing thoughts. The soundscape is great for meditation or spa procedure background. Created with piano, synths and guitar.

Description: Acoustic guitar instrumental with tropical latin rhythms and discret band and percussion accompaniment. Active ambient melodic instrumental which can be used in multiple projects such as videos, podcasts, tv, commercial, presentations etc.

Description: ambient song, realized through the use of the convolution between an electric guitar feedback and a loop, the song has a relaxing mood, is suitable for meditation or for massages, or for video scifi

Description: Positive atmospheric music track that motivates and creates positive mood. Divine ambient piece for commercials, applications, youtube videos and presentations. Synths and drums helped to create this lovely piece for your inspiring projects.

Description: Atmospheric ambient piece. Feels like you are floating in the sky with fluffy clouds around, isnt it? Or maybe like you are exploring dark depths of the sea. Anyway the music track is just great for a documentary, commercial, presentation, project on technology or science. Created with synths and drums, it gives you dreamy mood and inspiration.

Description: Horns echo over a simple synth bass line while an organ plays a melody in the distance.

Description: Pads with a synth melody played lightly over it. Heavy beat and synth lead kick in with a light hi-hat and panned delay.

Description: Ambient melodic acoustic guitar track with relaxing melodies and jazzy harmonies played on a anylon string guitar. Mid-tempo backing is provided by keyboards and subtlle percussion.

Description: A melodic ambient instrumental track. It features bells and a flowing synth pad sound. The piece also has a soft electronic drum beat.

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