Description: This piece is perfect or a cinematic film intro, montage, or trailer. It also falls into a slow-moving break beat. The piano adds suspense to the piece up front, eventually accompanied by strings and then falling into a steady drum beat. Even though the beat is pushed into the background, each instrument is intricately compressed and balanced to give it that cinematic strength and power.

Description: Hopeful and positive epic orchestral track , blended with enrgy groove, uplifting fanfares, symphonical licks and touching melody.

Description: Soothing underwater influenced track with layers of melodic synths building and dropping to create a beautiful dynamic track. Would work really well for anything involving underwater or water scenes.

Description: Atmospheric and floating electronica track working perfectly as an unintrusive background track for any scientific or research, space or travel projects and the like

Description: Slow, mysterious electronica/chillout – spacious synths and hypnotic bassline.

Description: Atmospheric and floating electronic, piano and electric guitars track working perfectly as an background .

Description: Random Space is a mystical, spherical, mysterious and electronic piece of music with piano, bass, keyboard and synthesizer.

Description: Lovely Dream is a gentle, sweet and calm piece of music with piano, guitar, synthesizer and keyboard.