Description: Cinematic ethereal atmospheric tune played on a warm sounding piano. The sound is bright and big thanks to the space created by reverbs. The melody is lively and positive, perfect for emphasizing beauty, natural lifestyle etc.

Description: How wonderful that there are circus performers, giving people joy ...

Description: Insanely a pity to lose a best friend, especially the wolf ...

Description: Fine acoustic guitar theme. Perfect for background music for corporate or personal presentations, or advertising for film, radio, television or web casts.

Description: A haunting and mesmerizing solo guitar piece with melancholy overtones and beautiful cascading phrases. Great for setting a dreamy and reflective vibe full of complex emotional moods. Hopefulness mixed with regret, the passage of time, determination and sacrifice are all present here. Great for commercials, film, videos, and more.

Description: This is an uplifting and motivational track evoking the feeling of success and fulfillment. Great for corporate and inspirational business projects.

Description: This piece is perfect or a cinematic film intro, montage, or trailer. It also falls into a slow-moving break beat. The piano adds suspense to the piece up front, eventually accompanied by strings and then falling into a steady drum beat. Even though the beat is pushed into the background, each instrument is intricately compressed and balanced to give it that cinematic strength and power.

Description: Hopeful and positive epic orchestral track , blended with enrgy groove, uplifting fanfares, symphonical licks and touching melody.

Description: Soothing underwater influenced track with layers of melodic synths building and dropping to create a beautiful dynamic track. Would work really well for anything involving underwater or water scenes.

Description: Atmospheric and floating electronica track working perfectly as an unintrusive background track for any scientific or research, space or travel projects and the like