Description: This strange tune has a psychological impact on the listener, largely due to some dissonance found in the piano and strings. There is also an underlying beat, like that of a heartbeat that gives the music its meditative quality. The overall impact is that.

Description: This blend of electronic and classical elements creates an eerie atmosphere. The agitated strings add energy and a feeling of loss of control while the drums provide a driving effect. The music would work well with a horror theme or with a surreal, comica.

Description: Ancient in spirit, this tune rises slowly from the primordial mist and dances in rhythmic motion on sacred ground. The sound is melancholic but yet contains a powerful, sensual, and eternal force. This music would go well with themes of human devastation,.

Description: This music describes an introspective or meditative state of mind of one who is in solitude, before going to meet his or her fate. There is profound element of transcendence to this music, of floating above the troubles of the world, largely attributed to.

Description: This strange tune begins with a percussive riff that sounds as if something metallic is being hammered on an anvil. The bass enters like a clumsy bear squarely on the beat when finally the remaining elements conjoin to create a surreal mood that seems to.

Description: This sound awakens an ancient and mysterious spirit with its strange brew of electronic and traditional instruments. The music, through its melodic lines and somewhat dissonant elements, transports listeners back in time through its suspenseful and myster.

Description: This jazzy tune is built on an infectious groove. The combination of ethereal elements and a strong beat create an unsettled environment. The sound is the result of a mix of jazz, pop and ambient elements. Use this tune in productions that wish to create.

Description: Uncertainty marks the overall feel of this tune. The mix of organic and synthetic instruments recall some of ELO's music. The piece is built around or supports the piano riff. Use this tune in productions that draw in the listener and color the ambience w.

Description: Strange and ethereal, this SoundSet evokes a brew of emotions, from introspection to apprehension. The rising bell sound characterizes the music and runs throughout the tune. The texture changes from quiet, pointillistic to sweeping, driven by the strings.

Description: An introspective, mesmerizing sound… The mood turns the attention of the listener inward, in an attempt to focus on an idea or object slightly beyond reach. The underlying groove provides the hypnotic effect of the sound.