Description: This introspective music paints a virtual or surreal world where things can slip right through your fingertips. The persistent and square bass gives a machine-like sense of determinism while the ethereal effect is created by the pads and strings. The hypn.

Description: Get transported to another world with this quintessential chill-out track. The hypnotic beat grounds the more ethereal and silky electronic sounds. The simplicity of the elegant piano melodies give the sound an overall dreamy feel. The tune never tires an.

Description: This suspenseful track is a master of moods. Various elements come together to form a cohesive sound. With a plethora of instrument parts, the flexibility of this track is unmatched. A slight change in the arrangement can yield dramatic results.

Description: Several underlying ambient elements work together to create the meditative atmosphere of this track. Ideally this SoundSet can be used as background music to focus the audience on a specific visual element, as if to put the viewer in a hypnotic state. The.

Description: This track grinds and kicks with guitars and synths. The effect is that of impending doom or something evil or dark approaching. The industrial element in the sound also lends itself well to productions involving modern and sci-fi themes.

Description: This melancholic sound has a wandering spirit combined with uncertainty. Contrast is created between the restless riff of the guitar and the descending oboe and ascending piano melodies. The soft timbres, coupled with the pads and floaty electronic sounds.

Description: This piece gives the impression of motion, of moving into a tunnel or time warp, possibly to visit the past. The piano components evoke memories. This SoundSet works well with presentations that need to touch on the emotions, possibly on the more meaningf.

Description: This pensive and somewhat melancholy piece is ideal for use in a slow-moving graphical environment such as images or pictures slowly appearing and fading out. The music tells a story and supports the images and is meant to focus the viewer, probably on mo.

Description: Romantic and calm in nature, this piece may work well with slow animation intended for a particular effect. Special lighting effects or natural settings (fog, mist, etc) would work well with this piece. The melody tells a story.

Description: This piece creates an ambiance of motion and may work well with animated advertisements, possibly in black and white, of automobiles or jewelry. Artistic images, as in a slide show, may also work well with this piece.