Description: Different rhythms combine and animate an ambient, ethereal sound. The music conjures up feelings of doubt and uncertainty as the piano notes descend in small intervals, spiced up with a delay effect. Use this SoundSet in productions that require a bit of.

Description: This SoundSet starts off quiet and mysterious with sweeping pads and a tinkling, high piano. The rhythm components enter and sweep everything up to a new level of energy. There's a futuristic vibe to the piece, almost befitting a science fiction program o.

Description: This hypnotic, sensual sound embarks on a journey of imagery and motion. Comprised of many dimensions, the music can be parsed for its ambient or rhythmic elements. The beat provides the sensual feel and nicely supports all the other contrasting instrumen.

Description: A romantic and silky melody wraps around this infectious beat to create an escapist mood that is suitable for a wide range of productions. Lush sustained pad sounds float atop the tune and leave a dreamy, ethereal effect on the listener. This tune is a mi.

Description: A shade of darkness colors this tune with a variety of timbres. The strings section provides a sense of spaciousness while the piano gives the tune its pensive feel. The organ, while in the background, provides a grounding for the sense of doubt in the pi.

Description: Some electronic elements permeate this relaxed tune and provide a modern, sophisticated feel. Some added notes in the melody provide some color and a jazz flavor to the sound. The overall effect is that of confidence and sophistication, making this tune i.

Description: Take a journey into a mystical realm of water or space. Ideal for a documentary, this pleasant and peaceful sound consists of two distinct sections and combines electronic elements that slowly bubble up from the depths of an oceanic ambience. Moreover, th.

Description: This SoundSet slowly unfolds through sustained lush sounds as the piano's relaxed melodic line makes its entrance and puts the listener at ease. There is a nice ambient quality to this sound that can easily be played for a long period of time in the backg.

Description: This nocturnal tune is composed of several subtle, electronic elements that awaken an array of emotions. The sound brims with anticipation and is ideal for use in productions that use a lot of contrast and highlight the shadow or darker side of things.

Description: This sensual sound is dominated by the silky melody of the piano. The sultry beat also adds to the overall character of the music, which is that of modern elegance. There is a subtle element of mystery and melancholy which is overshadowed by the disco-lik.