Description: This piece generates a spacey or dreamy ambiance. Along with the beat, the sound is perfect as background music for presentations involving psychological themes where the right environment or approach can influence the audience.

Description: Sustained ambient sounds over a jungle-like beat sets the mood for this tune and pays a tiny tribute to Pink Floyd. There are subtle overtones and fragments of sound that gives this tune the possibility for lots of contrasts. Use this SoundSet in any prod.

Description: Dreamy and laid back this piece has a steady rhythm once the beat comes in. It is ideal for presentations that do not rely much on fast-moving images or animation. It is intended for presentations that involve an image, that sell products or services asso.

Description: Eerily similar to music found in Kieslowski's films, this tune is a combination of innocence, hope, absurdity, fear and indifference. The contrast between the fluidity of the strings and the square beat and pounding notes of the piano create the unique mo.

Description: This piece has elements of pop but its slow rhythm and choral elements put it in this category. It is ideal for background music in presentations where the right ambiance is crucial.

Description: Ambient and eerie, this sound is a meld of meditative and discordant elements. There is one component that adds some dissonance to the sound to create a surreal mood. The music can create a powerful impact with visuals that show an aftermath of violence o.

Description: This piece tells a story and has a solid beat, making it ideal for background music to create an atmosphere. The Choir component gives it a dreamy feel and the drums make it fitting for any presentation requiring a slow pop tune also.

Description: This tune blurs the lines between dream and reality. Haunting in character, the music is constructed from scales traveling up and down the register. Use this music in any production requiring a Phantom of the Opera feel.

Description: Somewhat whimsical and humorous, this tune gives the impression of waiting hopelessly for something to happen, like a slow web page to download. Use it in light presentations for products or ideas that claim to eliminate frustration and keep you at pace w.

Description: This music evokes ancient spirits of wisdom from Biblical times and depicts perhaps the fate of a man betrayed by a kiss. The percussion is the driving force here and the small intervals in the strings and violin provide the Middle Eastern flavor.