Description: There is some mystery and suspense in this piece. It anticipates a shark attack and yet is somewhat playful. Presentations that need to build a sense of anticipation and possibly a bit of humor would work well with this sound.

Description: Great for cutting-edge presentations, this piece sets a certain mood that may be associated with modern sci-fi tech and adventure films. This sound works well with almost any presentation that requires a bit of attitude and a very modern feel.

Description: This is a nice moody and ambient sound that is perfectly suited to run in the background of any presentation. It is mild, soothing and unobtrusive. Presentations that wish to set a particular mood through slow visual contrast would work very well with thi.

Description: Mystery and suspense characterize this SoundSet. This piece uses some electronic ambient sounds to create its atmosphere. Presentations that need to rely heavily on the music to set the tone would benefit greatly from this piece.

Description: This tune has some elements of jazz and techno but portrays a particular mood of uncertainty. The Drums component gives it a lot of energy. Use this piece in presentations that require some energy that is more intelligent than the mainstream techno beats.

Description: This SoundSet may be perfect for a Halloween theme where mystery, fear, and power all come into play. The sound rises from silence and is joined by the timpani. The rhythm at first is slow but the piano adds a lot of tension when it comes in through its f.

Description: The mood here in this contrasting piece is pensive and a bit unsettled. There are 2 sections to this piece. The second, with the piano, picks up energy for the piece. Shadows and mist and forests come to mind when listening to this tune.

Description: The mood is mysterious, carefree and sensual making it an ideal companion for images with a lot of contrast. There is also a hint of an unsettled feeling and anticipation, like the quiet before the storm. Use this piece in presentations that play upon the.

Description: This music has lots of emotion in it with an underlying beat. The mood is romantic and a bit dark yet spacious. There are also elements of mystery and sensuality in this tune making it perfect for presentations that deal with emotions and image.

Description: This piece heralds the arrival of something important, grand and possibly something that is to be feared, a judgment day. The timpani and drums give it a deep sound and provide the modern feel to the piece. Along with the classical-sounding strings, this.