Description: This sound takes the viewer into a spiritual realm. The Pizz component create a ticking effect, like that of a clock. The result is a hypnotizing sound that stirs deep and perhaps surreal emotions.

Description: This tune gets its energy from the bubbling piano underneath the other elements. The effect is that of disarray and anxiety created largely by the bubbling piano and the half step motion in the strings. The end of the piece trails off with the piano still.

Description: This SoundSet has a calming effect mainly generated through its melody and other components that recall nature sounds. Presentations that wish to whisk away its viewers to another realm and set them at ease would benefit from this piece.

Description: The various timbres in this piece provide the unique electro-pop atmosphere and evoke a story of danger and intrigue. The piece at first seems to move at a fast pace but once the second drum set enters, the beat becomes heavy and grounded and moves at hal.

Description: Picture this sound in the background of a scene overlooking a sunset somewhere in the Caribbean as you sip a cool drink. People dance slowly to the sensual beat. Use this sound to set a mood, a mindset.

Description: This sound conjures up a foggy winter day with obscure figures passing through a veil of mist. The piano provides an ethereal, almost jazzy feel to the sound while the synth gives it a mysterious flavor. The drums add a bit of sensuality to the tune. Use.

Description: A sense of freedom and open space is present in this tune, a feeling of release perhaps after a long term of imprisonment of some sort. Images of nature and humanity's positive achievements would go well with this SoundSet.

Description: This music evokes a sense of motion, reminiscence and uncertainty. The sustained sound has a hollow quality about it that contributes to the mood of the music. The overall effect of the sound is that of navigating through uncharted territory, perfect for.

Description: Uncertainty and introspection resonate in the opening piano theme and give way to determination. The sound transforms into something of a prayer, seeking reconciliation with and acceptance of some fate. The effect is achieved through the contrast between.

Description: A variety of ethereal sounds combine to create this moody, sensual music. The overall feel is that of apprehension and uncertainty; however the strong and grounding beat from the drums provide a sense of motion forward into the unknown. Use this in produc.