Description: The mood is mysterious, carefree and sensual making it an ideal companion for images with a lot of contrast. There is also a hint of an unsettled feeling and anticipation, like the quiet before the storm. Use this piece in presentations that play upon the.

Description: This music has lots of emotion in it with an underlying beat. The mood is romantic and a bit dark yet spacious. There are also elements of mystery and sensuality in this tune making it perfect for presentations that deal with emotions and image.

Description: This piece heralds the arrival of something important, grand and possibly something that is to be feared, a judgment day. The timpani and drums give it a deep sound and provide the modern feel to the piece. Along with the classical-sounding strings, this.

Description: Urgent and atmospheric, this SoundSet creates tension through the pulsating bass sounds. The atmospheric effect comes from the piano and strings. Use this sound in presentations that whisk your audience into another world, a memory, an emotion. The string.

Description: With its slow and eerie beginning, this piece quickly sets the tone for an entire presentation. The high piano notes bounce atop the strings. This piece foretells the coming of something to be feared. The timpani and the low piano add an ominous effect to.

Description: This ambient SoundSet begins in space, floating about with no definite beat. All the elements together give it a meditative feel and the piano riff becomes somewhat of a mantra. The components by themselves are quite good as background effects.

Description: This tune, a combination of human vocals and electronic sounds, portrays an internal struggle, a drama that unfolds in the spiritual realm perhaps. It is ideal for dramatic presentations that deal with human or existential issues. With its meditative, hyp.

Description: With its underlying beat, this sound sets a mood of uncertainty, of moving undeniably towards a mysterious fate. The bass line slides down through the chord progression. The string element has a metallic sound to it, giving it a somewhat industrial flavor.

Description: This overall sound is mesmerizing, created mostly through the drones, pads and the treated synth. It is ideal for focusing the viewer's attention on an idea or image that is not to be dismissed quickly. Drawing the listener in, the music creates an atmosp.

Description: This tune begins with a somewhat ominous or mysterious mood. The strings and low pad sounds create the dark elements here. And in the background, a military marching drum sound slowly moves into the foreground. The overall effect is that of an impending f.