Description: This tune lurks in the shadows with its moody, ambient feel. The harmonic progression, built on two chords, adds elements of mystery. This sound would go well with very artistic, almost surreal works which aim to reach the deep recesses of the psyche.

Description: Time is running out! The plucking of the strings have the effect of a clock ticking. The agitated piano rhythm in contrast with the haunted strings give off a dark, eerie mood. This soundset is ideal for a presentation depicting the inevitability of some.

Description: This piece gives the impression of motion, of moving into a tunnel or time warp, possibly to visit the past. The piano components evoke memories. This SoundSet works well with presentations that need to touch on the emotions, possibly on the more meaningf.

Description: This industrial sound combines a primal beat, a la Nine Inch Nails, with ambient effects and loops. The end result is a strange mix of dark and primal emotions with a touch of surrealism. Use this sound in a production that lies heavily on the music to de.

Description: This pensive and somewhat melancholy piece is ideal for use in a slow-moving graphical environment such as images or pictures slowly appearing and fading out. The music tells a story and supports the images and is meant to focus the viewer, probably on mo.

Description: A strange, mesmerizing, and eerie mix of a child's music box and a funeral march comprise this tune. The entrancing effect is heightened with the constant drum hit and the drone of the piano and other instruments falling squarely on the beat. Use this Sou.

Description: This versatile SoundSet can evoke an array of moods and emotions, depending on the mix of the instruments. The music can be calm and pensive to disturbing and ominous. The rhythm is square, almost mechanical, like the ticking of a clock, mesmerizing, hypn.

Description: This piece creates an ambiance of motion and may work well with animated advertisements, possibly in black and white, of automobiles or jewelry. Artistic images, as in a slide show, may also work well with this piece.

Description: This sound embodies spaciousness and motion. The longing melody has a slight haunted feel and beckons the open road. The music is ideal for an opening to a film where, perhaps, the ending of one journey leads to the beginning of another. The pad sounds cr.

Description: This piece has a calming effect, specifically created by the Synth component and emulates waves in an ocean. Presentations involving medicine, retirement planning or vacations would benefit from this piece. This piece creates a relaxing atmosphere and may.