Description: Free flowing chill-house track with a deep flowing and swaying groove.Great for presentation, fashion show or video, flash, internet project or anything that needs soft but groovy background music.

Description: Alternate version of ww800214, a little lighter with flute melody.

Description: ambient, acoustic, guitar, solo, classical, jazz, comforting, drifting, river.

Description: Gentle and warm piano and orchestra, spot.

Description: sound scape of warm synthesizer sounds.

Description: a light but sombre piano track which is complimented by soft rich strings. creates an dream-like atmosphere.

Description: pretty, nostalgic, sunny day new age music, with driving beat and synthesized acoustic guitar melody.

Description: Beautiful late night groove track, very mellow and loungy, featuring rhodes, guitars, piano, trumpet and a killer bass. Excellent for various presentations and listening. Please check out my portfolio for more laid back tracks like this one!