Description: Transparent, atmospheric track, saturated with cloud pads and textures. FM sine synthesizers, glitch effects, light, enveloping synthetic percussion and a lot of air. Perfect for corporate presentations, sound illustration, jingle, trailer, ident

Description: Ambient, cinematographic, experimental and fantastic music.

Description: Out of time and space soundscape, suited for lushy backgrounds, abstract scenes and documentaries about exciting and almost sci-fi discoveries.

Description: Instrumental composition, the main melody is the guitar, in part B the melody is played by a synthesizer. Positive, major harmony.

Description: Soft, motivational and inspiring background track. Perfect for inspirational projects, photo slideshows, documentaries, videos, motivational presentations and many more.

Description: Simple melody, atmospheric ambient music. Good as a background for dramatic, sentimental, touching videos.

Description: A musical track with an atmosphere of majestic and spellbinding open spaces with panoramas of wildlife, rocks, animals and heavenly heights. Suitable as a background for sports videos with such sports as rock climbing, skydiving, water diving, etc., where there is a lot of view of nature in slow motion, for example. Instruments used: drums, guitars, pad, percussion, synthesizers.

Description: Instrumental music made for electric piano and synthesized pads- The music is calm and relaxing, aslo upbeat and hopeful. The ryhtm is slow and the style is near to electronic ambient and new age, the mood is ethereal and upbeat.

Description: Awaiting time Simple ambient cinematic composition for counting background effect. Mood of expectation, the arrival of something big, sunrise of a planet, the rise of technology, movement of time, sport background. Instruments of Awaiting time - counting drums - motion melodic effects Good for awaiting and counting demonstration videos etc

Description: Neo Classical Piano and Cello There are two versions of Neo Classical Piano and Cello Full - 2:37 Short - 0:47 This is Neo Classical Piano Composition with cello solo instrument. Mood of calm, tranquility and peace. Slow Neo Classical tempo is good for relax and meditation. Cello melody is good for nostalgia and sadness. Pictures of melancholy, lonely people of nature background, beautiful and cinematic things, documentary and dreamy slow motion, emotional and gentle film, etc Instruments of Neo Classical Piano and Cello - Neo Classical Piano - Neo Classical Cello Good for calm, sad, relax, romantic, sentimental, neo classical videos.