Description: Atmospheric ambient piece with inspiring feel. Light percussion, flowing synths and pads.

Description: Very sparse and gentle ambient piece with bells, synths and atmospheric pads. Great for subtle background music.

Description: Simple, open ambient track with atmospheric synths, pads and effects. Dreamy and spacious...

Description: Peaceful ambient tune with synths and pads. Great for atmospheric background music.

Description: Subtle electronic ambient piece with light percussion, piano, pads and mallets. Great for relaxing atmospheric background music.

Description: Ambient Electronic track with arpeggio synths, pads, effects and light percussion.

Description: Peaceful ambient piece with Harp and bass.

Description: Dreamy, melancholic piece with acoustic guitar, delicate piano and light backing...

Description: Delicate piece with piano and acoustic guitar. Ambient, emotional and dreamy atmosphere...

Description: Electric Guitar, warm strings and laid back kit create an suberb cue that has an emotional vibe that makes you smile, sit back and remember the good times. Great track for commercial underscore, wholesome, family values and a product you can trust.