Description: A 70's sounding funk track with wah wah guitar, organ, horns and string lines. Funky synth bass and clavinet give it plenty of attitude.

Description: fun, comedic, light orchestral, clarinet melody, strings, upbeat, circus, swirly, xylophone, kalimba, pizzicato

Description: pop, energy, drum loops, funky guitar, organ line, clavinet, strings, cool groove, pulse, rhythmic, fun

Description: A great Motown R&B track with amazing horn performances and groovy drums.

Description: A melancholic and meditative song featuring the sound of volcanic steam rising from the streets in a town in Japan, together with the crows singing at the temple in a forest. Add some Tablas and a Koto and what more do you need?

Description: Psychedelic Beat from FaZt. Enoy It.

Description: A sombre and pensive track. Hypnotic rhythms pulse underneath a high vocal sounding synth. Dream like backing track that has a haunting quality. Pianos and bells sit over the top.

Description: divided, unsure, bittersweet, acoustic guitars, fretless bass, hand percussion, violin.

Description: spacious theme with delicate electric guitar melody.