Description: An array of Indian instrumentation creates a sense of mystery and Indian culture suitable for travel, documentary, or relaxing background music for wildlife series.

Description: few piano notes and a quiet chill out atmosphere

Description: A brooding pensive ambient track that has elements of dark latin, mysterious vocal chantings, electric piano, panning synths breaks into a lounge latin groove with a piano solo. A Santana style electric guitar is featured. Nice track for an underscore, backdrop to media projects for ads, film, tv.

Description: It’s a real melancholy, sorrow comes to us unexpectedly! No one is immune! This song will help you gather all my thoughts, relax, and for some people, and life-changing. Song suitable for listening lonely, video, advertising, psychological videos, as well as sad moments

Description: Ambient breaks on the chillout side, melancholic yet beautiful with lots of pads, synths, pianos and a wonderful melody. Works magic in various presentations. Check out may portfolio for more tracks like this one. Enjoy

Description: This is very intensive meditation session based on constantly changing panning of dreamy piano sounds. Works best with phones because then brain is using left/right signals. Just lay down, relax, think about something possitive and then healing process starts!

Description: A 70's sounding funk track with wah wah guitar, organ, horns and string lines. Funky synth bass and clavinet give it plenty of attitude.

Description: fun, comedic, light orchestral, clarinet melody, strings, upbeat, circus, swirly, xylophone, kalimba, pizzicato

Description: pop, energy, drum loops, funky guitar, organ line, clavinet, strings, cool groove, pulse, rhythmic, fun

Description: A great Motown R&B track with amazing horn performances and groovy drums.