Description: Optimistic opening logo sound for any of your projects. Great for animated logos and idents.

Description: A short piano logo reveal tha fits nice with your short logo intro.

Description: Atmospheric, transparent musical theme with acoustic guitar, light percussion, warm pads, FM synth, arpeggiators. Can be used as a jingle, background , stinger, ringtone.

Description: Short background loop for positive, relaxing, optimistic effect. Dreamy, peaceful, beautiful, atmospheric sound of space rhodes and grand piano gives ambient, thoughtful, motivational impressions. Use this track for corporate, tv, radio or presentation projects, for ringtone, jingle, screensaver.

Description: This is corporate electronic pop background logo for video, games, presentations, product debut, and live use in broadcast, radio tv or youtube. It features a catchy drum beat and melodies, also electric guitar strums and claps.

Description: This is soft, bright, light, relax and inspirational logo.Perfect for your media projects.

Description: This is a highly reverberated acoustic piano ident for your projects.

Description: Inspiring and motivational soundtrack featuring a relaxing yet emotional beat, a mesmerizing chord progression and light synth chord sweeps. Suitable for corporate media, web videos, documentaries and any video in need for a chill-out and reassuring background.

Description: Short airy music theme with glitch piano music phrase, atmospheric pads, synths and light percussion. Can be used as a jingle, ident, stinger, the soundtrack for flash video

Description: Quiet music theme with glitch percussion, atmospheric pads and air piano. Can be used as a jingle, background , stinger, ringtone, intro or outro, etc