Description: This is corporate electronic pop background logo for video, games, presentations, product debut, and live use in broadcast, radio tv or youtube. It features a catchy drum beat and melodies, also electric guitar strums and claps.

Description: This is soft, bright, light, relax and inspirational logo.Perfect for your media projects.

Description: This is a highly reverberated acoustic piano ident for your projects.

Description: Inspiring and motivational soundtrack featuring a relaxing yet emotional beat, a mesmerizing chord progression and light synth chord sweeps. Suitable for corporate media, web videos, documentaries and any video in need for a chill-out and reassuring background.

Description: Short airy music theme with glitch piano music phrase, atmospheric pads, synths and light percussion. Can be used as a jingle, ident, stinger, the soundtrack for flash video

Description: Quiet music theme with glitch percussion, atmospheric pads and air piano. Can be used as a jingle, background , stinger, ringtone, intro or outro, etc

Description: Short ident with glitchy synth sounds and drum beats.

Description: The soft sound of fm synthesizers, light percussion, airy pads and space arpeggiators suitable for jingle, ident or ringtone.

Description: Vinil Logo is a logo or intro sound sequence that can work for any commercial need ranging from old-school to modern business, to entertainment. Hope you like it!

Description: Solo harp plays melancholic piece with bridge and modulation. Suggested for underscoring of heartfelt narration, scenes of soul searching, solitude.