Description: Electronic and ambiental piece. Made With synthesizers and sond textures. Very calm and chill using very simple chords. Descriptive and atmospheric. Good for space documentaries and other production ambiences.

Description: Electronic Ambient music composed with synthesizers. Describes a very calm and chill situation, maybe in the space or traveling planets. Good for Sci-Fi scenes in movies and films, also TV series. Also for documentaries in calm and wide spaces.

Description: Very calm music, composed for electric guitar, with an atmospheric element, the wind. Good for advertisings or documentaries that include calm or quiet scenes. Desertic landscapes and other wide places. Very slow piece.

Description: Short song, consisting of two parts, meditative and calm the first, glorious and pasionate the second. Performed on digital synthesizers and orchestra, a polyphony of melodious deep bass and synth strings.

Description: This is calm, beautiful, romantic track featuring acoustic guitar, piano, flute and violins. The Way to Happiness, the Bride's Path to the altar. Suitable for Weddings, Marriage registration, Family Video, TV/Radio Broadcast, Website, YouTube and other romantic projects. 4 versions included: 1. Main Mix (02:43) 2. Short Mix (01:22) 3. 43 seconds cut (00:43) 4. 24 seconds cut (00:24)

Description: This is a relaxing ambient track featuring eastern sounds for meditation and introspection. Very good ambient track for video game menu, advertisement and relaxation.

Description: Wonderful atmospheric tracks will be perfectly suited as background music for presentational projects for themes – hi-tech, space, nature, news, science, medicine and also for technical, corporate, fasion show and business projects.

Description: A music atmosphere for documentaries and corporate videos.

Description: Electronic ambient music, made with synthesizers using a lot of sound textures. Describing a dramatic situation, maybe in a postapocalyptic and dystopian scenes in film or TV series. Good for SciFi films and TV series. Also for videogames.

Description: Slow new age loop-ready song performed on synthesizers. A mood related with watching a tranquil scene, being meditative, serene, at peace. Key of Dm