Description: Cycles of subdued, tense synth notes with high, held string chords, mysterious feel

Description: relaxing, meditation, spacious, dreamy, flowing, calm

Description: Everyone always hopes for the best, but the future is hazy, unknown to anyone, and this work is about this ... Here sounds an amazing futuristic sound ... Suitable for the fine moment in the movie ...

Description: Great for Movie, music clips, calm piano with guitar, isnpiration track

Description: Rock, Pop, Upbeat, Happy, Light, Fun, Underscore, Solo, Feel Good, Good Times, Chillout, Inspirational, Genuine

Description: Dreamy, melancholic piece with solo acoustic guitar, building gradually throughout. Ambient, light, carefree atmosphere. Great as delicate background music.

Description: This ambient music track is designed for slideshows, presentations, commercials. Being peaceful and inspiring it creates dreamy, a bit romatic mood. Features synths, electronic piano, drums.

Description: This is a relaxing ambient track featuring eastern sounds for meditation and introspection. Very good ambient track for video game menu, advertisement and relaxation.

Description: How wonderful that there are circus performers, giving people joy ...

Description: Country pop music, with bandoneon e fretless bass.