Description: Gentle and soft string/harp theme with definite sunshine/sunrise vibes and ocean sounds

Description: Peaceful ambient piece with solo guitar

Description: You're now entering a safe, calm and reflective place. Feel free to wander around. This is a crescendo, with a dark touch at the end.

Description: Short atmospheric intro with dark elements.

Description: A dark evil ambient soundscape.

Description: Ambient track with lots of catchy melodies, deep basses and firm grooves. Starts slowly with a few atmospheric piano notes but soon it becomes very groovy and relaxing in a way. Ideal for videos where gentle and powerful is needed at the same time.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Ambient Soundscapes

Description: Heavy electronic ambient Sound

Description: Relaxed harp plays simple, somewhat bittersweet A/B patterns suggested to underscore intimate scenes.

Description: Slow,short hip-hop groove with ambient pads

Description: Electronic, Ambient, Atmospheric, Spacy, Dreamy, Etherial, Floating, Flowing, Peaceful, Contemplative, Mysterious, Thoughtful, Relaxing, heavenly, anglelic, celestial, nature