Genres: Royalty Free Music , Ambient Soundscapes

Description: Heavy electronic ambient Sound

Description: Relaxed harp plays simple, somewhat bittersweet A/B patterns suggested to underscore intimate scenes.

Description: Slow,short hip-hop groove with ambient pads

Description: Electronic, Ambient, Atmospheric, Spacy, Dreamy, Etherial, Floating, Flowing, Peaceful, Contemplative, Mysterious, Thoughtful, Relaxing, heavenly, anglelic, celestial, nature

Description: Soft sounds plays in the distance which combines with synth effects to create a peaceful relaxing ambient track designed to create a sense of relaxation and peace. Very useful for intro, calm or relaxing background music scenes.

Description: Spacey ambient with pure synth texture. Suitable for relaxation, new age

Description: Uplifting and fresh music. Motivational and very rhythmic.

Description: Moderately slow simmering strut head bobbing foot tapping track that's tight and smooth. Features a catchy rhythmic motif that is groove based and a middle break for harmonic interest. Useful for talk overs fashion, red carpet, backgrounds for shows, adverts. Thematic material for tv, film, or radio

Description: Calm Country Rock 1516 Guitars Synth Drums Alternate Mix

Description: Fashion dance with a wistful vibe. Someone is waiting to be chosen in a contest. Underscore version.