Description: fun, corporate, electronic, technology, cold, high-tech, internet, nature, health, organic, quirky, walk, chill, game, tv, tv spot, advertisement, advertising, travel, science, commercials, dark, modern, future, ambient, soundscape, sports,

Description: ambient, corporate, calm, soundscape, pad, electronic, synth, technology, cold, high-tech, internet, nature, health, organic, yoga, meditate, meditation, kids, children, family, quirky, sleep, garden, walk, chill,

Description: beach, nature, ambient, ocean, flute, exotic, island, vacation, hawaii, tahiti, blue, coconut, sand, health, organic, yoga, meditation, meditate, chill, vacation, tv spot, spot, commercials, advertising,

Description: Simple melody, atmospheric ambient music. Good as a background for dramatic, sentimental, touching videos.

by dauzkobza | wav | 2:00 |

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Ambient Soundscapes

Description: It is a deep and dark atmospheric music loop, with mystical and enigmatic mood. Perfect for slow motion montage, space related cinematic projects, timelapse of the clouds in the sky videos, drone footage, documentaries, sci-fi projects, or any type of media project that needs a dramatic and futuristic background.

Description: A very inspiring, melodic track that features guitar harmonics and piano as the main focus with some other colors added to the mix. It has an overall ambient, corporate and successful vibe/feel that blends great with film, television, emotional moments, advertising, motivational presentations, inspiring videos, introductions, business videos, technology videos, web pages, after effects, etc. Thanks for listening!

Description: There is one very nice progressive soundtrack theme. It can fit to various kind of projects like video, movie, trailer, thetre, soap and more

Description: Atmospheric ambient loop. Great for various projects.

Description: Uplifting atmospheric loop expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence.