Description: Relaxing ambient track with subtle synths, percussion and pads.

Description: Mellow ambient electronic track with subtle atmospheric synths, acoustic guitar, light percussion, sfx and pads.

Description: A spacious ambient piece with piano, flowing synth pads, strings and cool beat.

Description: Spacious, ambient piece with bells, effects, light percussion and synths. Great as background music and soundscape.

Description: Atmospheric ambient piece with flowing synths, light percussion and effects.

Description: Spacious ambient piece with sweeping synth pads, light percussion and effects.

Description: Peaceful, calming ambient piece with light acoustic guitar melody, percussion, synth pads and effects.

Description: Ambient atmospheric track with light, sparse synths and percussion. Great for subtle background music.

Description: Ambient piece with sweeping synth pads and effects. Great for background or soundscape music.

Description: Melodic, inspiring ambient piece with guitar and spacious synth pads.