Description: short song with haunting female vocal and reverb guitar. the sound of vinyl record needle and pop throughout.

Description: The vital energy of the melody, the fast-paced and exciting overwhelms us. Strong feelings, positive, emotional and deep.

Description: Beautiful guitar and piano.

Description: This is very calm but really positive music with unique inspiring atmoshere.

Description: This is soft, bright, light, relax and inspirational logo.Perfect for your media projects.

Description: Nice mellow track, with relaxing spiritual overtones. meditative meditation or relaxing in a spa. Chilling at the beach. Slow dancing with the one you love.

Description: Analogue and digital synthesizers accompany percussion in mellow, melodic arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of relaxation.

Description: Relaxing, warm and gentle ballad with piano, trumpet and percussion. Perfect for relaxing and positive projects. It sounds a bit jazzy too.

Description: Ambient spacy music, space travelling

Description: 10:00 minutes of an atmospheric new-age ambiance with a soft piano and pads fills out the arrangement. Spacey, sci-fi and bizarre, Dreamy, flowing, positive. This beautiful track has a pastoral atmosphere. Great for underwater, nature, space videos projects.