Description: Percussion Synth Energetic Exciting

Description: Oriental instruments, background choirs and some electronic sounds to create this unique atmosphere. Perfect to evoque meditation and take one's mind away from the real world.

Description: Melodic peaceful ambient soundscape with electric guitar

Description: Calm Ambient - is an light ambient and background soundtrack with wide sounds and a deep clean piano. The track will give your project airiness, lightness and warmth. This Music is filled with good vibrations and atmospheric transitions. Inside him there is a sense of new discoveries, freedom and dreams. This track fills the space with abstraction, carefree and light feeling. In recording music used instruments such as clean piano, bass guitar, pads, synthesizers, kick, many percussion instruments and other.

Description: It is music filled with a strict secret, from which imagination does not find its place ... There sound very interesting sounds of the synthesizer, which are intriguing throughout the whole sound ... Ideal for mysterious moments of film or video ...

Description: Paraguay is an amazing country with a peculiar nature, unlike any other country ... Here the flute sounds on the background of bewitching ambient sounds ... Ideal for images of nature in the film about Paraguay ...

Description: Beautiful inspiring ambient music full of relaxing and space. Air piano and clean guitar on soul beat. Romantic and sexy song for lovers and dreamers.

Description: This is a professionally created Ambient / Chill-Out lounge Music for you to enjoy. Also can be used as a background music track for your You tube video, TV serial , Films and in-store music etc.Wake Private.mp3

Description: Instrumental music made with synthesizers. The composition is very rich in soundscapes and the rhythm is very slow. The mood is very calm and relaxing and fits very well as background in scenes with slow motion. The style is very near to New Age and Electronic Ambient. Good for advertising and documentaries. Also other productions with very relaxing and soothing scenes with slow motion.