Description: Modern, hip hop, trip hop, electronic, downtempo, motivational, inspiring royalty free track. It can fit various projects such as time lapse videos, AE projects, corporate projects, science projects, youtube videos, business presentations. In main folder you will find high quality mp3 and wav files. Reference Artists : Massive Attack, Radiohead.

Description: Picturing sunrise in Mojave desert with undeniable cinematic touch, yet this tense and mystical ambient tune allows much broader possibilites of visual interpretation. More than suitable for various video projects and presentations !

Description: Very nice ambient audio track with guitars and soundpad on the beginning with nice harmony as a blue sky and female voices singing on vowels like soft white clouds. All supported by soft background rhythm and bass lines. Good for background videos or corporate presentation, theatre purposes

Description: Ambient Background - cinematic inspirational track with ambient. Simple melody with guitar, orchestra and ambient sound. Perfect for wistful, dreamy and nostalgic projects, for commercials, documentaries, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, sports montages, business presentations, photo slideshows and more.

Description: This is a relaxing background logo suitable for strategy video games, fantasy and relax in general. The melodies are inspirational and motivational at times. Keep on living! Stay awake.

Description: Deep Blue Sea is an ambient track of sounds moving under the big blue sea. Rhythm of submarine, repeated melody in vocals.

Description: This ambient music track is designed for slideshows, presentations, commercials. Being peaceful and inspiring it creates dreamy, a bit romatic mood. Features synths, electronic piano, drums.

Description: Relaxing piano music, causing different feelings and emotions. In trets used only piano and background. Allows you to relax and meditate. Suitable for yoga and other exercises. Can be used in the movie as a soundtrack or background. Suitable for different projects. Who loves the piano, this is for you). Thank you for visiting my page also invited to view my other work , I work in different genres and styles , you can find something interesting)

Description: Delicate composition accompanied by saxophone. Suitable for relaxation, yoga.

Description: Atmospheric ambient music track with rhythmic guitar, synths and drums. Good for time lapse videos or videos with some kind of process. Perfect for background for technology, science projects, inspirational, advertising, promotional works.