Description: I used drum beat & synths here. Catchy, hypnotic trip-hop in this beautiful melodic track.

Description: Melodic guitar instrumental. A positive and a bit hypnotic sad atmosphere all in one.

Description: An inspiring positive and heartwarming track featuring guitar variations of Pachabell's famous canon in D that has become one of the most cherished melodies for weddings, social gatherings, parties and other important events. Accompanied by light orchestration and a secondary rhythm guitarist.

Description: This tune was written by piano, acoustic guitar, english horn and kept the music editor. Has a relaxed, dreamy and relaxing.

Description: Instrumental ambient soundscapes, chillout track. The mood of the song is dreamy, moody, spacey, mysterious. atmospheric, dreamy, mysterious. Recorded with Juno 106 and Korg Triton keyboards.

Description: Delicate and classically melodic track for piano solo, veiled by a subtle melancholy. Elegant background in public places and answering machines.

Description: mystery ambient for movie scene

Description: Horror movie ambient for movie scenes, scarry.

Description: Ambiental drone or movies

Description: “Mirrors” is a Touching, emotional and sentimental underscore piano track for film, TV or other media. Personal reflection, introspection, sadness,soundscape