Description: Every person has that feeling once in a while. This beautiful relaxing melody waking the fond memories and make you enjoy the moment. The chilling melody was created with drums, guitar, piano, synthesizer and percussion. Just relax!

Description: Combination of drums, synthesizer and electronic piano create deep atmosphere of cold endless space. Feel flying in vacuum Can be used in a film, documentary, video about technology of future.

Description: Light, inspiring and uplifting atmospheric track that bring positive energy and motivation to your project! This exclusive soundtrack is perfect for your corporate projects, advertisements, Film and TV, presentations, Youtube as well as other new media applications.

Description: Upbeat,inspiring,positive and motivating ambient/corporate track. Great for business,film,commercial,promotional,marketing,motivational video,advertising and background presentation. Fill your project with optimistic,festive and light!

Description: Beautiful,inspiring, atmospheric ambient /corporate track with guitar harmonics background,soft piano cords,pad ,electric sounds and cool bassline.This motivational, uplifting, relaxing and positive ambient music is perfect atmosphere for any media projects. Great background for films, videos, slide show, travelling, lounge, corporate, branding, advertising, presentations etc.

Description: Soft atmospheric track with dreamy piano melodies and soft background pads. Perfect ambient track for film, documentaries, time lapse projects and videos, slideshows, presentation, advertising, commercials, trailer, sentimental videos, cinematic projects and more.

Description: We created this unusual, even strange music track for you to be able to show the beauty of interweaving cultures and traditions. Breakbeat, drums and synthesizer make it a perfect piece for projects about travelling through dessert, Eastern, Asian of African country. Can be also used in presentation, commercial, e.t.c.

Description: Relaxation - beauty abstract electronic track for your modern video project. Good suit for science, technology videos in the same time pictures of nature and urban places or just for something abstract with intension to relax. Also would work as a backdrop or vocal bed for voice over work, meditation or yoga. Turn down the volume and let it float around you! Because of abstract nature and music form of the item you can easily loop it or fade it out in any time. Main Genre: modern ambient electronic, inspirational electronic music, abstract pop, experimental pop, experimental ambient.

Description: Airy ambient cinematic music for magic scenes.

Description: Melodic, laidback arrangement of pianos, synthesizers and percussion in 106 second loop suggested for underscoring of heartfelt moments, peaceful scenes.