Description: This solo acoustic guitar is very melodic.

Description: it is ambient music, psychedelic, psy goa, meditative, relax, cinematic, spatial, which links the five elements, nature and cosmos, to the quiet of the soul, a journey into the cosmos, a spiritual and transcendental reconnection, with soul and good body, I give you a minimal part of what I am, and I use music as a medium .. Have a good trip brother or sister and listen well

Description: Pensive,slow moving atmopshere.

Description: Melodic percussion and ambient pads weave an emotional texture for a moments soul searching. Perfect for cinematic underscore, scenes of natural beauty or travel, has many advertising uses and has a very relaxing vibe

Description: Atmospheric ambient background for various projects.

Description: Look at the sky. How magnetic and far away are those constellations! This ambient music track creates atmosphere of a space journey. It is inspiring and a bit mysterious. The track is great for a sci-fi movie or video game, project about space exploration and more. The piece was created with piano, synths and drums.

Description: An eerie, hypnotic drone that evokes a dream like feel.