Description: Meditative, relaxing, easy and thoughtful track with repeating piano theme, spacious String and Synth lines accompanied by Chinese Gong. Peaceful, Floating, Spa and Chill, Futuristic, Dramatic, New Age, Science and Technology, Documentaries, Public Television, Film Credits, Art Museums.,, Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music

Description: Dramatic contemporary new age composition for Spa and Relaxation, Meditation Contemplation and more. Warm synth and Strings opens accompanied with Horn line which eventually transitions to a slightly spirited section with Harp, Marimba and Flute. Film Television, In Store Mystery Adventure Leisure. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music

Description: Peaceful, relaxing and hypnotic music track with an endless since of flowing harmonic richness which takes you on a journey too the calmness of your being. Elastic synths weave in and out, up and down and all around. Music for Spa and Relaxation, Marina Animal Park, Science and Space Explortn, Instrumental, New Age, Atmospheres

Description: Magic Forest is a dreamlike, enchanting and fairytale piece of music with flutes, piccolo, glockenspiel and chimes - mysterious, magical and mystical.

Description: Epic Inspiration is a calm, relaxing piece of music with string orchestra, violins and cellos - well suited as background music, for relaxation or meditation.

Description: Inspiring and motivational track that is perfect for documentary films, videos.

Description: Inspiring ambient track, perfect for documentary.

Description: Ambient music about one day of the little man near the far dream The music listening can produce a subtle trance-like state in certain individual. This music can evoke a "continuum of spatial imagery and emotion," which can be beneficial for introspection, and for developing, through a practice.

Description: Slow temp spooky background instrumental. Mysterious and haunting. Great for video game play, youtube or suspenseful mysterious background.

Description: Spooky mysterious instrumental. Would be suitable for horror, suspense and the like.