Description: Light and airy background with piano, rhythm section and strings.

Description: Modern, floating background with piano punctuations.

Description: Positive, building spot with rhythm section and orchestra.

Description: Tense string open into strong but friendly theme.

Description: Alternate version of ww80039, shorter.

Description: Strong, insistant theme with rhythm section and orchestra.

Description: Gentle touch, Country Folk Slow Soft Calm Warm Friendly Love Loving Human Guitar Solo Love Rural Family American Advertizing.

Description: Alternating tension with forward.

Description: Hard, Industrial Spot Medium Friendly Human Positive Uplifting Confident Strong Trustworthy Proud Piano Drums Bass French horn Strings Resolution Family American Contemporary Industry Politics Elections Advertizing.

Description: Hard, Orchestral Industrial Spot Medium Positive Building Determined Heroic Confident Proud Advertizing.