Description: This joyous tune combines elements from world music. The flute melody, with its diminished third tone has an Irish flavor. The drone synths have an Indian flavor. Add the percussion and drums and the spacious strings and you have an upbeat, feel-good, inv.

Description: An easygoing tune that has a bite to it… The composition is based on three contrasting monophonic melodies. The alternate piano theme has an edge to it, largely due to the dissonant interval within it. The bass and drums, by themselves, create a nice, qui.

Description: This SoundSet starts off quiet and mysterious with sweeping pads and a tinkling, high piano. The rhythm components enter and sweep everything up to a new level of energy. There's a futuristic vibe to the piece, almost befitting a science fiction program o.

Description: This jazzy tune has a calming effect. It is composed of two sections, the first of which has a dreamy feel created by the bells and electric piano. The second section retains that tranquility and is carried by the jazzy piano along with the ethereal strin.

Description: The strings and vocal components create an atmosphere of mystery and a bit of sadness. This piece works well with presentations that may start out slowly and move to fast images. The vibes, bass and drums give it energy.

Description: This piece creates an atmosphere of suspense and uncertainty and plays well with psychological themes. The opening sounds create a dreamy effect leading into a beat and a more solid or resolved direction. The piece is ideal of presentations that begin slo.

Description: This piece creates a sense of mystery and drama. Images of someone running in the woods in the middle of the night come to mind. Presentations involving animation or fast moving images may work well with this piece.

Description: The mood of this piece is light and uplifting, mostly created by the Piano component. Presentations that are meant to inspire the viewer would work well with this piece. Images of athletes crossing the finish line or a climber at the mountaintop come to m.

Description: The initial part of this piece is stable and then it moves into a key change thereby creating a sense of motion. Yet this piece also has a sense of sadness and insecurity. It may work well with presentations involving human interaction and possibly existe.

Description: A mixture of natural and synthetic sounds make up this piece. The Waves and the Flute components provide a calming effect. Presentations with static images, possibly with themes of nature or children may work well with this sound.