Description: Relaxing and dreamy track with harp melody. Perfect for backgrounds, sentimental and inspirational projects.

Description: New Age relaxation track full of harmonic richness and deep contemplative moments of wonder and thought about our being as human beings on this wonderful planet we call earth. Thought based theme of lets chill out. Synth pads flow, Flute flutter Spa and Relaxation, Documentary, Film and T v.

Description: Tranquil and refreshing Spa and Relaxation track synth based, peaceful, calm, light and reflective. Can you find that place in your mind that takes you away from the struggles of modern day society? You've come to the right place here and now. Dramatic, Spa, Space Exploration, Documentaries.

Description: Meditative relaxing instrumental track with spacious synth soothing pads and flute Spa and Relaxation, Soundscapes, Science and Space Film Documentaries. Museums and Observatories.

Description: New Age contemporary instrumental relaxation and spa track, reflective peaceful and calm, light as a feather. Features dramatic Asian flute, sitar and beautiful harmonic Synth Pads. Healing music, Message Therapy, Science and Space documentary projects, Museums, Yoga.

Description: This is a creepy long logo soundscape inspired by Halloween and celebrations of horror and creepy music. It even fits to sci-fi, as it is outer space mood and unearthly sounds create an ambience of fantasy and scientific uncertainty.

Description: Instrumental inspiring enigmatic ambient dreamy, airy, chillout abstraction background music. Smooth and soft, with deep drums and bassline, beautiful abstract synthesizers sequences melodies, cool chill lounge relaxing inspirational mood. This chill background music is the perfect background for abstraction music videos, product advertising, training videos, timelapse, vlog video, documentary music videos, spa background music, podcast intro, enigmatic music, advertising presentation. MOOD: atmospheric,  confident, contemplative, energetic, emotional, dynamic, dreamy, erotic, futuristic, inspiring, hypnotic, heavy, intense, magical, meditative, modern, passionate, optimistic, mysterious, mystical, positive, reflective, sexy, sensual, soft, successful,  uplifting, web, website, relaxing

Description: Andean flute plays beautiful melody while bass, piano, and drums rock underneath it. Rising, uplifting, hip, inspiring, and fun.

Description: An ambient, relaxing, sleep tune

Description: Dreamy positive composition that is so good for slow motion videos. Observe blooming trees and flowers, melting snow and everything you can find outdoors. Chill music track features piano, synths, bass and strings. Use it as a background for spa procedure, also documentary, romantic slideshow and more.

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