by dauzkobza | wav | 2:00 |

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Ambient Soundscapes

Description: It is a deep and dark atmospheric music loop, with mystical and enigmatic mood. Perfect for slow motion montage, space related cinematic projects, timelapse of the clouds in the sky videos, drone footage, documentaries, sci-fi projects, or any type of media project that needs a dramatic and futuristic background.

Description: Beautiful ambient tune with positive mood.The piece is great for various projects, from traveling or corporate videos to videos about beauty and style. Drums and synths create carefree melody that will complete your work.

Description: Hi-tech atmospheric music with orchestral arrangement for background

Description: An ambient song from Space. A cool ambient track with elements of ambience, atmospheric sounds, and light ambient melodies!

Description: Romantic piano ballad with strings. Perfect for emotional and sentimental projects or quiet atmospheres.

Description: Inspiring and motivational soundtrack featuring a relaxing yet emotional beat, a mesmerizing chord progression and light synth chord sweeps. Suitable for corporate media, web videos, documentaries and any video in need for a chill-out and reassuring background.

Description: Happy, positive, joyful and calm mood. Dreamy sound design and a cheerful composition will take you on a relaxing journey. Perfect to soundtrack a commercial, movie scene, documentary, nature program, travel video or a corporate project.

Description: Soundscape with distant asian touch, whirled into a mystical mix.

Description: All alone the space traveler from Earth stares out the environment dome window onto a lifeless, rocky, and wind swept planet. What mysterious adventures await, will they ever see their home world again, and the never ending ambient wind sets a sad melody of uncertainty. Set a mysterious mood with futuristic swirling synthesizer pads, mystic bells, and a minimal minor mode melody line that imparts a cool uncertain ambiance.

Description: Mysterious and atmospheric electronic track with a piano based melody. There is something worrying, tense or suspensful about this track. It could illustrate documentaries about the environment disasters waiting to happen. The slow and irreversible melting of glaciers for example. It could also illustrate the anxiety of the waiting for the results of a crucial scientific experiment.