Description: This piece captures several moods: anticipation, suspense and adventure. Presentations requiring a Mission Impossible feel may work well with this piece. It has a walking rhythm which makes it useful for steady-paced presentations.

Description: This sound can be associated with the first rays of morning light. It evokes renewal and rebirth and perhaps an awakening from a dream. The Clarinet melody and the strings are serene as they float atop the activity in the piano and guitar.

Description: This music evokes ancient spirits of wisdom from Biblical times and depicts perhaps the fate of a man betrayed by a kiss. The percussion is the driving force here and the small intervals in the strings and violin provide the Middle Eastern flavor.

Description: This piece creates an ambiance of motion and may work well with animated advertisements, possibly in black and white, of automobiles or jewelry. Artistic images, as in a slide show, may also work well with this piece.

Description: This very pleasant sound is ideal for any presentation that is intended to soothe the audience. The piece is poignant and intelligent making it ideal for any theme involving human emotions, triumphs and tribulations. Presentations that require a tasteful.

Description: This piece has a laid-back rhythm and instrumentation. The marimba and piano work well together to create a soothing yet vivacious atmosphere. Presentations that require a soothing sound yet with some type of beat will work well with this piece.

Description: Dreamy and laid back this piece has a steady rhythm once the beat comes in. It is ideal for presentations that do not rely much on fast-moving images or animation. It is intended for presentations that involve an image, that sell products or services asso.

Description: This piece tells a story and has a solid beat, making it ideal for background music to create an atmosphere. The Choir component gives it a dreamy feel and the drums make it fitting for any presentation requiring a slow pop tune also.

Description: Pensive and pleasant, this tune makes one reflect on something personal. There is a bit of surrealism or existentialism in this piece. Use it for mood and ambiance, to reflect a particular mindset.

Description: This tune removes the listener from the here and now. It allows for memories to seep in from the distant past and evokes deep emotions with an underlying slow rock beat.

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