Description: The jazzy piano, lazy horns and syncopated trumpets transport the listener to some old Mexican village beneath the blistering sun. Perfect for setting the right mood in a production, this tune taps the imagination and the senses.

Description: A nice easy rhythm rides this jazzy tune. The organ and guitar give it a bluesy, relaxed feel. Use it in any production that requires a little sophistication, a departure from the ordinary and yet that is inviting.

Description: An easygoing tune that has a bite to it… The composition is based on three contrasting monophonic melodies. The alternate piano theme has an edge to it, largely due to the dissonant interval within it. The bass and drums, by themselves, create a nice, qui.

Description: A poignant sound to symbolize all the precious things in life: the blossoming of a flower, the end of a beautiful song, a life or movie, a triumph over adversity, the first smile of a newborn. Use this music to highlight precious moments or events that ma.

Description: This easy laidback tune is driven by the guitar over a nice beat. Use it in productions that elicit confidence and progress.

Description: Soothing and dreamy, this music depicts a serene landscape, lush and vivid. It conjures up memories from the past perhaps. Use it in productions that employ fantasy and escapism.

Description: This unobtrusive sound is perfect for corporate presentations that wish to lightly touch on the emotions. It is laid back and pleasant. The descending piano melody gives the sound the easy-going feel along with the sustained drone and sweep components.

Description: This easy-going tune is built on a mellow beat and reflects a blend of Collective Soul and Procol Harum. The music evokes memories or images from the past, like a grainy home movie from the 1970s. It is best used in productions that recall more innocent t.

Description: This SoundSet starts off quiet and mysterious with sweeping pads and a tinkling, high piano. The rhythm components enter and sweep everything up to a new level of energy. There's a futuristic vibe to the piece, almost befitting a science fiction program o.

Description: A romantic and silky melody wraps around this infectious beat to create an escapist mood that is suitable for a wide range of productions. Lush sustained pad sounds float atop the tune and leave a dreamy, ethereal effect on the listener. This tune is a mi.