Description: This is an ambient track with flying pads and textrues featuring impressive drums for background of presentations, news, weather forecast and any musical need. Meditative sensation for any background or score purpose.

Description: Colorful & rhythmic soundtrack instrumental . Performed by guitars, bass , piano , groove machine. Suitable for slideshow, lounge, music design, musical scoring .

Description: Spatial & rhythmic soundtrack background for web work , ads, report, info messages, broadcasts, screens, tech news, slideshow, presentations,

Description: Atmospheric, mysterious, relaxing, calm, glitchy mystical tech jingle. Synthetic percussion, mute guitar, futuristic fm sine synthesizers, airy piano, transparent, soaring pads and synth arpeggiators. Can be used as a jingle, background , stinger, ringtone, opener.

Description: Background Feelings is a chill and downtempo electronic track with popular synth design sounds, simple yet heavy electronic micro beats, ambient textures and atmospheres. It has a spacey and dreamy vibe, like slowly floating through thin air. It’s especially suitable for any project needing ambient but melodic and groovy musical backgrounds, especially timelapse and macromode video productions of nature and urban city places and other.

Description: Spatial & positive instrumental cinematic background

Description: An ambient peaceful track with smooth pads, marimba, piano and synths. Perfect as background in documentaries, presentations, interview, slow motion videos.

Description: Piano music for background and listening with closed eyes

Description: Dark and futuristic ambience for horror or sci-fi projects.

Description: Relaxing and peaceful ambient loop. Great background to create a relaxing, stylish and peaceful atmosphere.

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