Description: This piece captures several moods: anticipation, suspense and adventure. Presentations requiring a Mission Impossible feel may work well with this piece. It has a walking rhythm which makes it useful for steady-paced presentations.

Description: Ancient in spirit, this tune rises slowly from the primordial mist and dances in rhythmic motion on sacred ground. The sound is melancholic but yet contains a powerful, sensual, and eternal force. This music would go well with themes of human devastation,.

Description: This sound can be associated with the first rays of morning light. It evokes renewal and rebirth and perhaps an awakening from a dream. The Clarinet melody and the strings are serene as they float atop the activity in the piano and guitar.

Description: Romantic and calm in nature, this piece may work well with slow animation intended for a particular effect. Special lighting effects or natural settings (fog, mist, etc) would work well with this piece. The melody tells a story.

Description: This music evokes ancient spirits of wisdom from Biblical times and depicts perhaps the fate of a man betrayed by a kiss. The percussion is the driving force here and the small intervals in the strings and violin provide the Middle Eastern flavor.

Description: This sensual sound is dominated by the silky melody of the piano. The sultry beat also adds to the overall character of the music, which is that of modern elegance. There is a subtle element of mystery and melancholy which is overshadowed by the disco-lik.

Description: This piece gives the impression of motion, of moving into a tunnel or time warp, possibly to visit the past. The piano components evoke memories. This SoundSet works well with presentations that need to touch on the emotions, possibly on the more meaningf.

Description: This pensive and somewhat melancholy piece is ideal for use in a slow-moving graphical environment such as images or pictures slowly appearing and fading out. The music tells a story and supports the images and is meant to focus the viewer, probably on mo.

Description: This piece creates an ambiance of motion and may work well with animated advertisements, possibly in black and white, of automobiles or jewelry. Artistic images, as in a slide show, may also work well with this piece.

Description: This piece has a calming effect, specifically created by the Synth component and emulates waves in an ocean. Presentations involving medicine, retirement planning or vacations would benefit from this piece. This piece creates a relaxing atmosphere and may.

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