Description: Dark Industrial Ambient. A bit of relaxing. Doomy synths, sci-fi bass pads, electro-tribal beats. Industrial machine sound- something like a train, fading in from the far wastelands.

Description: Soothing electronic sounds comforted by delayed electro beats, drums, and strings that create a distant, like of space, melodies.

Description: Although, this ambient music track has a dark feel to it, it still creates a positive atmosphere with mix of synths, pianos and violins.

Description: This deep industrial, darkwave instrumental soundtrack music track delivers heavy chills, secrets and dark mysteries.

Description: The sounds of wind blowing, tribal drums playing in the background. Flutes and clav-pads making rhythmical noises, sharp synths relaxing along the rhythm.

Description: This track features long going synthesizers, fading keyboard strings, and a piano melody. It has a Brian Eno feeling to it, and the track can fit as background music for video presentation, art-related website, movie and game trailer or a theme song.