Description: Percolating synths with a sci-fi lean. What if cyborgs created your production music?

Description: The music of this series creates a gentle and soft acoustic sound scape and provides a comforting, relaxing environment. It contains warm sound collages and repeating melody patterns with Slow moving chords changes of warm syntheziser sounds. Very smooth and serene atmosphere. meditation. relaxation, Instrumental, New Age Music, Atmospheres

Description: soundscape of warm synthesizer sounds with ambient percussion sounds.

Description: Hoffman offers a wonderous and beautiful tune that is perfect for meditation as well as yoga and relaxation. It's exotic nature is very soothing

Description: Mysterious instrumental song with atmospheric background feeling... We explore jungles or forests. A bit of tension with ambient nature sounds, and animals and mystery enviroments. Discover secrets and treasures in Amazonas. Sneaking around, avoiding the dinosaurs. Perfect as background for video games or film scenes in a jungle or nature. Adventures, expeditions, explore nature. Variants: 5 Min / 4 Min / 3 Min, all versions available with/wo nature sound FX.

Description: soundscape of warm synthesizer sounds.

Description: the synergistic sound production at asoma music, a magical blend of flute, ambient sounds, wind chimes, and ocean sounds.

Description: ambient space vibe.

Description: the heartbeat itself is the groove … a soundscape of ambient sounds, a gorgeous female voice, native sounding chants and cymbals.

Description: Spacious ambient piece with gentle sweeping synth pads. Great for meditation music or sci fi soundscape.