Description: 64 bars chord progression of synth pad

Description: 64 bar Moving chord progression with synth soundscape

Description: Ambient reflective background music for movie and television scenes from science fiction, police drama, suspense, medical drama, military etc. Dynamic synth chording and light sparse melody flow smoothly through its simple minimal harmonies. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Drone music

Description: Emotional new age musical journey, music for meditation, spas, relaxation, aquatic wild life documentaries etc. Slow moving and spacious, textured with harmonic colors this track which features synth and keyboards takes you on a free flowing harmonic escapade of pleasures. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Mellow Music

Description: Heavenly spacey drone track with various musical implications. Simple Synth and string lines with a beautiful sense of motion and throbbing sub melody in backgroung. Sci Fi, Military, Suspense and Horror scenes, Police drama. Ambient Distant Droning. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Drone music

Description: Smooth Stinger an atmospheric piece with warm French Horn, Strings & percussion Slow and careful, it moves & breaths. Curious, Winding, Serious, Probing, exploring Multiple Commercial uses, television ads for Insurance, Investment Firms, Corporate Banking etc. Animal Adventure Scenes (Steve Irwin), Instrumental, New Age Music, Atmospheres

Description: Deep meditative relaxed heeling music for the soul. Sitar, Bass, Synth and Flute Contemplative Serene Calm and Mellow track for Spa and Relaxation, Documentaries, Space and Science Fiction. Pristine and Quiet the track take on a Dramatic Character for Military, Martial Arts, Religious and more. Instrumental, Indian Music, Indian Dramatic Music

Description: 64 bar synth chord progression soundscape

Description: Niagara falls, relax, ambient, photographs, waterfall, sea, river, watercolors

Description: dreamy soundscape underwater synthesizer chord sequence.