Description: Alien Scum, is a ambient background music score composition.

Description: This atmospheric enveloping , non-intrusive background . With the use of the synthesizer sounds of deep and long on the first match. Further included drums .

Description: Electronic and ambiental piece. Made With synthesizers and sond textures. Very calm and chill using very simple chords. Descriptive and atmospheric. Good for space documentaries and other production ambiences.

Description: Electronic Ambient music composed with synthesizers. Describes a very calm and chill situation, maybe in the space or traveling planets. Good for Sci-Fi scenes in movies and films, also TV series. Also for documentaries in calm and wide spaces.

Description: Sounds like a windy desert, with an unsettling and Middle Eastern sounding ambience.

Description: Perfect for chill out sessions, such as lounge, bar, cafe, hotel or projects looking for upbeat yet relaxing music.

Description: Very spiritual and meditative music, relaxing and quiet. Made with synthesizers, describes very calm situations in nature or other scenes. Very low and slow, uses mystic choirs and bells. Descriptive and slow but mellow in an advanced point. Very good for documentaries in very calm and wide scenes, maybe in the night or in the sea.

Description: Soft and warm ambient background with electric guitar, pads and fx. Will be good for nature, ocean, underwater or space videos.

Description: Weird and strange music. Made with synthesizers and using a lot of sound textures. Strange and improvisational. Good for suspense scenes in TV Series and Horror films. Very deep and low sounds. very slow and sometimes a little bit weird and disonant. Also good for dark nature scenes in documentaries.

Description: Very slow and calm composition. Made with pads from various synthesizers, describes a very calm situation, maybe flying over the mists. Very low and very slow, and deep. Almost a mystical piece. Nice for documentaries or very wide situations, over the sea or other wide spaces.