Description: A lovely and angelic atmospheric ambient track followed by Piano, Frantic bass, glassy pads. Suitable for many types of projects.

Description: This is ambient track followed by e-piano, dark and loud pads, beats. Suitable for many types of projects.

Description: An illusory track followed by strings, FX harps, bass, udu gives an ethnic feeling while FX bells gives the track an illusory and Sci-Fi like environment. Fits with many types of Sci-Fi Natural, Alien, Cyber natural type of projects and production.

Description: An atmospheric ambient masterpiece followed by synth and pads. Fits with all types of natural projects and production.

Description: A simple Sad Ambient track, Passionate Love, Sad New love, Repeating patterns of guitar piano & synth strings create a dreamlike, textured sonic image. Great for use with visual media, carries a lot of emotion and reflection.

Description: A very mystical ambient piano track with a reflecting thoughtful yet light vibe. A very wide space and a touch of regret and sadness come to mind. Dreaming of past loves or lovers saying goodbye and dreading the loneliness.

Description: This track is a bit hard to categorize. It's a melodic piece based on a Piano section, Acoustic & Electronic Guitar and electronic percussion. The purposefully staccato electronic sounding drums interact with the tender and expressive Piano section to create a unique and captivating epic sonic image.

Description: A dark, atmospheric soundscape and somber percussion support an intensely dramatic melody sounded by Twin seeks acoustic guitars & Lead Harmonic piano. Richly dynamic. This music is made for cinematic darkness, danger, Serious Tense, Love break Up, suspense and scenes of anguish.

Description: Dark ambient theme featuring Dulconian elixer, Indus Strings, Drifter, Deep Fried Beats Pianistic Sorrow, Gently Synth & Until Pads. Suitable for Dark mysterious ambient movie scenes.

Description: Beautiful poignant piano melody with a gentle, reflective, meditative ambiance. Great for setting romantic moods for Film, TV and dramas about love and gentle caring. Nostalgic, tender and sweet. Dreamy and atmospheric. Commercials, ads, promos, sad romantic backgrounds and much more.

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